Digital Transformation for an International Corporation

01. August 2018

What did we solve

Internal workflows are often defined very strictly but are not supported by the appropriate tools. Data and documents are distributed through emails or shared folders, where there is clearly no single-source-of-truth. Keeping deadlines between teams is becoming an almost unreachable matter, as ambiguities arise in which state the workflow is located and who is responsible for it. Real time reporting for management is then the realm of dreams.

How did we solve

The project began with a detailed analysis of existing business processes, interaction between teams and the experience of selected team members. We have gradually defined new workflows and all the functions that teams need for effective collaboration.

For implementation, we used the Atlassian JIRA platform and custom plug-in development. This plugin provides all workflow customizations and, in particular, the number of additional features required - for example, pre-defined notifications that are evaluated and sent under user-defined terms.

For management purposes, we've created a set of reports that show real-time graphical views of current process status or historical data analysis. Reports are tuned to show on your computer and iPad, for easy access and tracking from anywhere.

For easy management of workflows involving a large number of users, an administration section has been created within JIRA, where it is easy to change the assignment of users to corresponding business roles, security settings for each bank of the group, and other parameters.

The result

Our solution is currently used by hundreds of people. In particular, teams besides other features appreciate the transparency and detailed real-time status of the process using mission control dashboards.