We are the team that lives for and loves creating unique solutions.

The CloseIT was founded in 2013 by Martin Podolinský and since then our team have been working with international corporates as well as with small startups. 



All team members know exactly what to do at each stage of the project. The experience, the creative approach and the effort to constantly improve are what guarantee the successful fulfillment of the assignment.


The personal responsibility of each team member is what drives us forward. And the results are really visible!


We do not miss the fun! We usually play matches in table football or relax on the moon with our virtual reality. And in the summer we enjoy ice cream and hot rooftops.


We honor the values of your company and your business.


We really do not have fixed working hours. Besides our office, we work from home, from a chair on the beach, from a terrace in a house in France (like our Thomas) or from a café restaurant.


Our proven development methodology is Scrum, which brings value to us and our customers. We liked the methodology so much that we decided to share our experience - www.feelscrum.com.


We use a variety of well-adapted software.  For project management, we use Jira. For the knowledge base we use Confluence, Bitbucket for the source code, and Slack for common communication as well as client support.


We work on our own products in addition to client solutions.

Model Governance Suite

Model Governance Suite

Primarily designed for banks, insurance companies and other organisations dealing with predictive models, algos or EUCs. The MGS provides a ready to use - but still flexible - product based on industry best practices  implementing an effective inventory and risk management framework. The MGS team guides customers through the process of adjusting MGS to the firm's own methodology and standards.

Subtasks Navigation for Jira

Subtasks Navigation for Jira

We use Atlassian Jira daily, basically all we do can be found there. And when you use something daily you find little catches that could steal you lot of time in long term. One of these is a looong path to navigate between subtask siblings. One need to get to the parent and then back to another subtask - potentially loosing context. So for environments where you need to navigate within issues with many subtasks try our Subtasks Navigation for Jira addon.

Feel Scrum

Feel Scrum

Using our experience with software development and business, we created a 2-day boost up workshop for developers and a 1-day workshop for IT Team Lead providing an insight of proper development process that enhances the efficiency and quality of the entire project.

We appreciate the freedom, the atmosphere in the team and the possibilities of delivering our own solution.
Martin Podolinský

Martin Podolinský
Founder & Managing Director