Subtasks Navigation for Jira

Do you find yourself drowning in the maze of subtasks and losing track of what needs to be done? Subtask Navigation provides a convenient view of all related tasks, including descriptions and estimations. Simplify your Jira workflow and stay informed on your team's progress with ease.

Subtask management and navigation through all issues of a common parent issue or epic easier than ever before

The time saver

Tired of navigating through a maze of subtasks? Our new panel offers a simpler way to manage task organization within your Epics.

Description of all siblings

Improved task tracking. Quickly open the description field of any sibling subtask without a need to reload the entire issue view - thus much faster.

An Epic overview at your fingertips

Instantly visualise the ratio of resolved to in-progress issues, how much work has been logged, if logged work exceeds the estimate, or how many story points have been burned.

Key features:

  • Easily see what your team is working on

  • Get an overview of all "siblings" tasks in one panel

  • Preview Description and Estimation fields quickly

  • Track closed and in-progress issues, logged work, and story points burned down

  • Summary of resolution process in Epic view

  • Activate for individual projects 

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Revolutionize your project management and workflow with our Jira add-on. Navigate through subtasks with comfort and ease.

Simplify Your Project Management in Jira and Join Hundreds of Satisfied Companies Utilizing the Subtask Navigation app

Simplify your workflow with Subtask Navigation - the app that saves you time by displaying all "siblings" in one place. Preview Description and Estimation fields quickly and track your team's progress with a summary of the resolution process in the Epic view.

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