Years of experience have shown us that business and IT are inseparable from one another, and we are keeping them together in all parts of the process.


We have identified, developed, and successfully implemented solutions for both large and small companies, always with the emphasis on maximizing their business.

Credit Risk Stress Testing Framework

We have created a unique solution for recurring stress tests in credit risk Raiffeisen Bank International, which allows us to define our own test scenarios for simulation of portfolio development and calculations of individual Risk Parameters RWA or ECL. Our application was successfully used for EBA stress tests in 2018 and continues to be extensively used for other stress testing needs by internal or required controllers.

IFRS9 Provisions Plausibility Engine

In cooperation with the customer risk management team, we created an application for managing input parameters and the subsequent calculation of ECL according to IFRS9 methodology. Our solution is optimized for speed and ease of use in the head office and for comparing the calculations with the results delivered by the individual RBI group branches.

Digital Transformation for an International Corporation

Internal workflows are often defined very strictly, but not supported by appropriate tools. Data and documents are distributed via emails or shared folders, where there is clearly no single-source-of-truth. Keeping the deadlines between the teams is complicated because it creates ambiguities in which state the workflow is actually located and who is responsible for it.