Subtasks Navigation Plugin for Jira

14. December 2018

For our internal purposes and also for several of our customers we either introduced or used Atlassian JIRA.

We see this tool as an amazing platform which can serve purposes of software development teams but also to entirely non-IT related projects. One of the small problems that we faced was rendering a screen of an issue with many subtasks. Simply to get an overview of all the subtasks which belong to a common parent means lots of clicking to the parent and then another subtask.

Therefore, we decided to create a free plugin which will add into a subtask a dialogue with a list of other subtasks with all the features of standard subtask list. Last but not least, if a client doesn't want to use this feature for all projects - simply configure projects in the plugin administration.

In a detail view of subtask provides navigation through other subtasks having same parent issue. Check it out.

Othe Sub-tasks panel

Panel rendering other subtasks of common parent. Panel is available in the detail of the issue as well as in the Agile detail view.

Description view on task row click

The view supports display of the sub-task description after mouses click on the row. Another option is rendering of the shortened description when the mouse cursor is over the tiny
( i ) icon.

Administration of the plugin

In the Add-ons administration can be entire panel view enabled or disabled per project.

Do you like it? Download here.

Author: Martin Podolinský