We are an innovative studio. We develop software and business solutions that enable our clients to focus on their own business goals.


We listen to your ideas and visions

We listen

We listen to your ideas and visions for your project. We identify and clearly define its needs, requirements, and goals.

We come up with a proposal

We come up with a proposal

Before we begin developing, we want to be sure we understand. We prepare and present solutions to minimize possible misunderstandings.

We develop and implement a solution

We develop and implement a solution

We use an iterative approach, and at the end of each cycle, we present the current state of the project. Our development methodology is Scrum, which we understand - feelscrum.com.

We release your software

We release

The development is not over. At least not with us! We help integrate into your systems or cloud solutions that we use internally on a daily basis. We offer support or direct provision of your project's operation.


Model governance

Explore our model governance solutions and vision of efficient model governance framework, which makes the governance of models a benefit instead of a burden. The product is designed primarily for banks, insurances or other financial institutions dealing with number of predictive models.

IT consulting & development services

Do you prefer "yet another piece of software", or would you like the software to gain you a real competitive advantage? We provide elegant solutions that meet business needs.


Take a look at the solutions from banking and insurance environment that we have successfully implemented in other companies.

Credit Risk Stress Testing Framework

We have created a unique solution for recurring stress tests in credit risk Raiffeisen Bank International, which allows us to define our own test scenarios for simulation of portfolio development and calculations of individual Risk Parameters RWA or ECL. Our application was successfully used for EBA stress tests in 2018 and continues to be extensively used for other stress testing needs by internal or required controllers.

IFRS9 Provisions Plausibility Engine

In early 2018, a new methodology for the calculation of provisions for Expected Credit Losses (or ECL) under IFRS9 for the banking sector came into force. Our team was tasked with implementing a solution for the retail credit exposures of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). The calculation is used to check the plausibility of results provided by each RBI subsidiary bank.

Digital Transformation for an International Corporation

Internal workflows are often defined very strictly, but not supported by appropriate tools. Data and documents are distributed via emails or shared folders, where there is clearly no single-source-of-truth. Keeping the deadlines between the teams is complicated because it creates ambiguities in which state the workflow is actually located and who is responsible for it.


Based on our own experience in the banking and insurance environment, we have developed software for managing and monitoring risk models in the field of risk management.

Our customers said about us

From the very first moment of the project, I was surprised by the solution-oriented approach, thanks to which we were able to solve all problems relatively quickly.
Christian Steinlechner, Senior Risk Solution Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International
This was a clear example of agility. CloseIT was presenting a steady development in regular iterations as the tool was progressively taking shape. The speed of development was impressive. From zero to functional prototype in 3 months!
Deyan Ivanov, Head of Retail Risk Methodology & Validation at Raiffeisen Bank International